About Me

Who Am I?

I am a solution designer driven to help people accomplish their goals through software. Whether it be setting up a server, writing scripts or full fledged software development, I always go the extra mile to ensure satisfactory results. I am a creative and innovative thinker who will stop at nothing to deliver a solution.

Do you need solutions to help you and your enterprise succeed in an ever changing world? Do you find that existing solutions are cumbersome, stagnant, and unable to adapt to the rapidly evolving needs of your enterprise? Are you burdened by hefty licensing fees and are at the mercy of the proprietor to fix any issues in the system? Don’t delay, inquire today and find out how you can take your business to new heights. If you need someone who actually cares about your business and will go to great lengths to meet your rapidly evolving needs rather than giving you a cookie-cutter solution, don’t delay, inquire today.

My Skills and Expertise:

I am able to deliver the following skills to meet your needs:

  • Java, C++, C, C# and Python programming, including:
    • Data structures
      • Singly/Doubly/Circularly Linked Lists
      • Stacks and Queues
      • Skip Lists
      • Self Organising Lists
      • Sparse Tables
      • B-Trees
      • Tries
      • AVL Trees
      • Binary Search Trees
      • Splay Trees
      • Graphs
    • Algorithms
    • Object oriented programming
    • Kernel and daemon programming
    • Network and socket programming, including
      • WebSockets and Sockets.io
    • Multithreading programmings
    • CUDA programming
  • Setting up servers for various purposes, including:
    • LAMP stack
    • SMTP server
    • Git/Subversion server
    • SAMBA server
    • Media server
    • Setting up SSL certificates
  • Software design and design patterns:
    • E-R and EER Diagrams
    • UML Activity Diagrams
  • Full Stack Web development including:
    • Creating a WordPress website with custom CSS and HTML
    • Django and PHP backend development
    • Javascript, HTML5 and CSS
  • SQL and Database Systems including:
    • Creating and optimising queries
    • Designing Database systems from the conceptual level to the implementation level
    • Create and use advanced SQL features such as Views and Triggers
    • Relational algebra and Relational calculus
    • Using JDBC and other connectors to interface with database systems

My Education:

Bsc Computer Science: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Design Patterns in Modern C++: https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-X4KEXRMZ/

My Learning Materials:

Programming Python, 4th Edition
C++ Primer, 5th Edition


Feel free to head over to my portfolio to see my skills in action!